Bring Me a Book provides quality books to children, in under-resourced homes and classrooms, to support their learning to love books, learning to read, and becoming life-long learners.

We distribute books through nonprofit partners who engage parents and teachers in reading with their children. Our focus at Bring Me a Book is on children ages birth to eight.

Our History

It began with a library

Bring Me A Book - Book Icon
Bring Me A Book - Judy Koch
Judy Koch, founder of Bring Me A Book

Judy Koch has a passion for education.

As a former junior high school English teacher, Judy saw firsthand how difficult it was for hardworking parents to find time to visit the library, select appropriate books, and read aloud to their children. This problem was compounded for parents new to the English language. Indeed, many parents – whether immigrants or native born – did not understand how important it was to become a child’s “first teacher” by reading aloud to the children long before they first entered school.

Judy eventually left teaching and joined the family business at RSP, a manufacturing firm in Fremont, California where a majority of employees were immigrants learning English. While these men and women were seeking a better life for themselves and their children, they had no time to hone their own and their children’s reading and English comprehension skills.

This was the light-bulb moment.

During her teaching career, Judy had taken courses given by children’s literature specialist Kay Goines. Judy hired Goines to recommend quality, age and culturally appropriate hardcover books that would best serve the needs of RSP employees. She also created audio tapes of Goines reading the books aloud. Soon a library of these specially selected books and accompanying audio tapes were made available to employees. Employees were immediately enthusiastic about the program. Both parent and child working together improved their English language and comprehension skills by reading aloud and listening to the tapes.

So was born the Bring Me A Book Library.

When the RSP firm was sold in 1997, Judy made the Bring Me A Book concept a personal, continuing priority. She continues to serve on the Board of Directors and provides key funding for core operating expenses.
After selling the company, Judy Koch officially founded Bring Me A book as a non-profit and opened its doors to promote children’s literacy.

Today Bring Me A Book is a volunteer-organization serving children ages 0-8 in under-resourced communities within Silicon Valley. Bring Me a Book has national and international outreach through its affiliates in other parts of the country and world.

Our Board

BMAB - Founder - Judy Koch

Judy Koch


Prior to founding Bring Me A Book in 1997, Judy was the owner of RSP Manufacturing Corporation from 1989 to 1997. RSP provided precision sheet metal fabrication, stamping and electro-mechanical assembly services to companies in Silicon Valley. Bring Me A Book grew out of a popular benefit program she had provided employees of her company.

BMAB - Chairman - Kristine Schray Erving

Kristine Schray Erving


Kristine has strong experience in non-profit board development, community project development and resource utilization. A former president of Junior League of Palo Alto/Mid-Peninsula, Kristine has also chaired the boards of the YMCA – Mid-Peninsula, the Peninsula Center for the Blind and the Visually Impaired and Palo Alto Senior Coordinating Council.

BMAB - Secretary - Judy Deggler

Judy Deggeller


Judy was working as VP of Manufacturing at RSP when the company opened a children’s library in the workplace. She witnessed first-hand the power of language acquisition and family bonding that resulted.
When RSP sold, she became Bring Me A Book’s first board member, and she’s remained actively involved in its mission for the past twenty years.

BMAB Board - Deborah Pappas, Treasurer

Deborah Pappas


Deborah Pappas is Senior Vice President and Deposit Manager with Boston Private Bank & Trust. She advises her clients with regard to their cash management and liquidity needs as well as assisting with day to day banking. Deborah started her career with the bank in 1993 as a commercial lending officer in the San Mateo office. Prior to joining the bank she worked as a loan officer for Seafirst Bank in Seattle for 13 years.

BMAB - Board - Lea Anne Borders

Lea Anne Borders

Board Member

Lea Anne Borders founded Bookelicious, a startup dedicated to inspiring children to read by finding great books that match each child’s interests, age and reading ability.

BMAB - Board - Lois Bridges

Lois Bridges

Board Member

Lois Bridges, Ph.D. is Vice President/Publisher of Scholastic Professional, developing professional literacy resources for educators.

BMAB - Mike Knych, Board Member

Mike Knych

Board Member

Mike oversees accounting, financial analysis, risk management and cash management for the family office operations of Asset Management Company. 

BMAB - Board - Christine Z. Loker

Christine Z. Loker

Board Member

Chris has had a 25 year career in Human Resources in Fortune 500 companies, most recently Senior Vice President, HR at Charles Schwab. 

Susan McDonnell, Board Member - BMAB

Susan McDonnell

Board Member

Susan McDonnell is an active community volunteer, serving over 18 years in numerous educational leadership positions.

BMAB - Jon Porter, Board Member

Jon Porter

Board Member

Jon Porter is a Director at Three Bridge Wealth Advisors, working directly with both entrepreneurs and venture capital and private equity firm partners.

BMAB, Deborah J. Stipek, Board Member

Deborah J. Stipek

Board Member

Deborah J. Stipek, Ph.D. is Professor and former dean of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University.

BMAB, Marlayna Tuiossosopo, Board Member

Marlayna Tuiossosopo

Board Member

Marlayna Tuiasosopo-Gordon is the founder of Reading Bonanza in the Park, a book giveaway and activities fair focused on low-income communities. 

BMAB, Ann Zeichner, Board Member

Ann Zeichner

Board Member

With over twenty-five years of combined C-level search and operating experience, Ann has built shareholder value and winning teams across the technology spectrum at service providers, hardware, and software firms. 

Our Donors



Morrison & Foerster Morgan Stanley
NBC Universal BEA Systems
Southern CA Edison Cisco
Vons Golden State Warriors
Keypoint Credit Union JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Liberty Tax Service


Cathie & Pitch Johnson
Heather & Marshall Koch
Jack Melchor
Susan & Gib Myers



San Jose Sharks


Andrew John Hsu
Cathy McMurtry
Frances Nelson
Michaelin Reamy & David Watts



Morgan Family Foundation
California Community Foundation
First 5 Santa Clara County
Kenneth Rainin Foundation
Michelson Foundation
Oakland Fund for Children and Youth
Swain Barber Foundation
Wollenberg Family Foundation


Applied Materials


Judy Koch
Meg Whitman & Griff Harsh

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Juniper Networks
SanDisk Corp.
Sereno Group
Clorox Company

San Francisco Forty Niners
The Bohannon Group
TPG Growth

ABD Insurance and Financial Services
Asset Management Company
Clorox Company
Kaiser Permanente


Judy & Marty Deggeller
Gary & Jeff Dunker
Kristine & John Erving
Eva Grove
Kevin Hall
Mike Knych
Christine Loker

Jessica & Frank Lonergan
Carol & Emmitt MacCorkle
Deedee & Burton McMurtry
Terri & Tom Miller
Ashley Mozart
Ranjini & Ush Patel

Paula & William Powar
Chris Redlich
Valerie & David Robinson
Katherine & Brian Rogers
Jeanne Rosner & Jonathan Coslet
Katherine Schiffeler


Cisco Systems, Inc.
Intero Real Estate Services
Resource Trust Inc
TGG Capital,
Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc.


Karen & Robert Allen
Eugene Buckley
Casey Carsten
Maryles Castro
Janet & William Cronk
Ann & Bob Debusk
Phyllis & William Draper
Melanie & Larry Ellison
Nancy & John Etchemendy
Shannon & Tom Fallon

John Fiddles
Jan & Bob Fisher
Lui Fogolini
J.J. Kardwell
Jerome Katz
Megan Koch
Carol Mayer-Marshall & Bob Williams
Sandee & Mike McCaffrey
Lynn & David Mitchell

Elaine & Armand Neukermans
Angela Nomellini & Kenneth Olivier
Paula & Mike Rantz
William Reller
Julia & Joe Rogers
Barbara & George Rugtiv
Elisa & Tom Simmons
Deborah Mudd Stipek
Anne & Donald Vermeil
Jeff Wohler


AES California LLC
Alain Pinel Realtors
American Pacific Mortgage
Dreyfus Properties, Inc.
Golden 1 Credit Union
Heritage Bank of Commerce
Hewlett Packard Co.
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National Semiconductor
Northwall Builders, Inc.
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Save MartSupermarkets
Silicon Valley Bank
Technology Credit Union
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Foundation


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Elaine & Dudley Anderson
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B.J. & Richard Arnold
Stephen Blunt
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Patty & Steve Brown
George Bullen
Mary & Luca Cafiero
Elizabeth & William Cilker
Lee Cilker
Staci & Cary Cole
Susan Collins
Donovan Cook
Edmund Daly
Kathi & Fred de Grosz
Emily & Daniel Dibert
Debbie & Jim Dunnam
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Ruth Soforenko
Ann Sonnenberg
Dick & Hean Spees
Robert Spencer
Carol Spieker
Jan & Tim Steele
Peter & Anne Steiner
Stephanie Stelle
Eden Stelle
Mary Stenseth
Erika Strandell
Marilyn & Danny Swanson
Diane & Eric Sweet
Bruce & Barbara Swensen
Gloria Symon
See-Ying Tam & Minday Tsai
Sonia Tanlimco
Lloyd & Dana Taylor
Anne & Craig Taylor
Elene Terry
Joyce Thau
John Thompson
Kim Thompson
John & Dani Thompson
Peter & Carol Thurston
Kathleen & Michael Torgensen
Margaret Tormey
Robert Torrano
Bert & Chris Torres
Melissa Toteda
Cindy Traum
Richard & Carolyn Treakle
Todd & Carolyn Tuomala
Elinor Turner
Edward & Leslie Lian Tuttle
Paula Uccelli
Ernie & Joan Ulibarri
Barry & Linda Uphoff
Villarreal Family
Linda Vlasic
Wyn & Rita Wachhorst
Gerry & Brandi Walters
Ted & Michele Wang
James & Margaret Wang
Maria Wang-Horn
Donna & Tom Ward
Jeffrey Weiner
David & Heather Weir
David & Kathleen Weisenberg
Patricia Wekks
Steven & Marna Wheeler
Daryle White
Carole White
Christine Wieland
Deborah Wilder
Ray & Carol Williams
Daniel & Iris Winey
Jo Witt
K.K. Wollenberg
Wendy Ann Wolstoncraft
Linda & John Wood
David & Diana Woodhead
Annie Runyan Worley
Janna Wright
Eleanor Wynne
Kristi Yamaguchi
Carole Yamaguchi
Jane Yates
Jennifer Young
Elizabeth Yung
Thierry Zamora


Morgan Family Foundation

$400,000 - $999,999

California Community Foundation
First 5 Santa Clara County
Kenneth Rainin Foundation
Michelson Foundation
Oakland Fund for Children and Youth
Swain Barber Foundation

$100,000 - $399,999

California Community Foundation
First 5 Santa Clara County
Kenneth Rainin Foundation
Michelson Foundation
Oakland Fund for Children and Youth
Rogers Family Foundation
Swain Barber Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Sobrato Family Foundation
The Frank H. & Eva B. Buck Foundation
The Franklin and Catherine Johnson Foundation
The HEDCO Foundation
Summit League
Thomas J. Long Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999

First 5 Yuba
Geiser Schweers Family Foundation
GGS Foundation
Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris Foundation
Philanthropic Venture Foundation
The John W. Carson Foundation
The San Francisco Foundation
The Wollenberg Foundation

$25,000 - $49,999

Bella Vista Foundation
First 5 Marin County
Hellman Foundation
Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation
Marin Community Foundation
Para Los Ninos
Ravenswood City School District
Silver Giving Foundation
Teichert Foundation
The David & Lucile Packard Foundation
Thoresen Foundation
Valley Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999

Adam’s Legacy Foundation
Beth Longwell Foundation
Children & Families Commission Sutter County
Cortopassi Family Foundation
County of Yuba
De Anza Kiwanis Club
Duke University
Elk Grove Unified School District
Environmental Volunteers
Faith Network of the East Bay
First Congregational Church of Palo Alto
First 5 San Joaquin
Junior League of San Francisco
Las Candalistas
May & Stanley Smith Charitable Trust
Menlo School
Monterey Peninsula Unified School District
Palo Alto Community Fund
Palo Alto University Rotary Club
Palos Verdes Peninsula Rotary Foundation Inc.
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Rotary Club of Oakland
Santa Clara County Office of Education
The Adams Family Foundation
The Guardsmen
The Joseph R. Parker Foundation
The Kiwanis Club of Palo Alto
The Stocker Foundation
The William and Helen Little Family Foundation
Trio Foundation
United Way of San Joaquin County
Vitalogy Foundation
Yocha Dehe Community Fund

$5,000 - $9,999

Adam’s Legacy Foundation
Beth Longwell Foundation
Children & Families Commission Sutter County
Cortopassi Family Foundation
De Anza Kiwanis Club
Elk Grove Unified School District
Environmental Volunteers
Faith Network of the East Bay
First Congregational Church of Palo Alto
Go Kids, Inc.
Greater Bay Bancorp Foundation
Greenberg Trauig LLP Philanthropic
Head Start Child Development Council
Independent Order of Foresters
Junior League of San Joaquin County
Kids in Common
Marin County
Natomas Unified School District
Resource Area for Teaching
Rotary Club of Santa Clara
Seevak Family Foundation
SJB Child Development Centers
Stanford University Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society
T. Gary & Kathleen Rogers Supporting Family Foundation
The Nicholson Family Foundation
Train the Trainer Program

Under $5,000

Alamitos Bay Garden Club Inc.
All Stars Helping Kids
Antone & Marie Raymus Foundation
Applied Survey Research
Ark Preschool
Atherton Police Officers Association
Beyond Our Gates
Bookcentrifico Book Club
Books & Wings Foundation of Guatemala
Borrego Springs Rotary Club
Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula
Bring Me A Book Foundation Hong Kong
Building Blocks Preschool
California Department of Education
Castroville Rotary Club
Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation
Charter Oak Foundation
Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose
County of San Joaquin
De Colores Children’s Center
Duveneck Elementary
E3 Youth Philanthropy – Los Altos Community Foundation
Employees Charity Organization of Northrop Grumman
Entrepreneurs’ Foundation of SVCF
Ethel Severson Living Trust
Family Resource and Referral Center
First 5 Placer County
Florsheim Brothers Foundation
Freda B. Runyon Foundation
Galt School District
Grail Family Services
Graystone Womens Book Club
Helping Hands Foundation, Inc.
Heritage Elementary School
Hero Foundation
Jewish Coalition for Literacy
Junior League of Portland Oregon
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity
Kenneth Glenn Family Foundation
Kiwanis Club of Long Beach
Kiwanis Club of Menlo Park
Kiwanis Club of Mountain View
Long Beach Unified School District
Los Altos Rotary Club
Los Angeles County Office of Education
Lynhaven Elementary School
Mattel Children’s Foundation
MC2 Foundations Inc.
Miller Foundation
Modesto City School District
Modesto Rotary Club
Murrieta Rotary Club
Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group
North Fresno Rotary Club
Omega Nu Sorority, Rho Eta Chapter
Orfalea Foundation
Palo Alto Rotary Club
Parent Services Project
Peninsula Christian Education Foundation
Peninsula Sunrise Rotary Club
Planned Parenthood
Rathmann Family Foundation
Reach Out and Read
Resolve International
Rey Vanden Family Foundation
River Delta Unified School District
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Rotary Club of Cupertino
Rotary Club of Monterey Korean
Rotary Club of Mountain View
Rotary Club of San Jose
Rotary Club of Sebastopol
Rotary Club of South Puget
Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency
Sacramento Region Community Foundation
Salida Union School District
San Ardo Unified School District
San Joaquin County Office of Education
San Martin Lions Club
Santa Clara County Partnership for School Readiness
Santa Cruz Sunrise Rotary Club
Soroptimist International of Metropolitan Sacramento
Stockton Bike Club
Stockton Unified School District
The Active 20/30 Club of Greater Sacramento
The Campbell Foundation
The Early Learning Coalition
The Jane and Theodore Blumberg Fund
The Marin Community Foundation
The Reading Bug
Tosa Foundation
United Way California Capital Region
United Way Silicon Valley
Valley Family Services
Valley Medical Center Foundation
Vision Literacy
Walmart Foundation
Walter & Mary Frome Family Foundation