Bring Me a Book provides quality books to children, in under-resourced homes and classrooms, to support their learning to love books, learning to read, and becoming life-long learners.

We distribute books through nonprofit partners who engage parents and teachers in reading with their children. Our focus at Bring Me a Book is on children ages birth to eight.

Our History

It began with a library

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Bring Me A Book - Judy Koch
Judy Koch, founder of Bring Me A Book

Judy Koch has a passion for education.

As a former junior high school English teacher, Judy saw firsthand how difficult it was for hardworking parents to find time to visit the library, select appropriate books, and read aloud to their children. This problem was compounded for parents new to the English language. Indeed, many parents – whether immigrants or native born – did not understand how important it was to become a child’s “first teacher” by reading aloud to the children long before they first entered school.

Judy eventually left teaching and joined the family business at RSP, a manufacturing firm in Fremont, California where a majority of employees were immigrants learning English. While these men and women were seeking a better life for themselves and their children, they had no time to hone their own and their children’s reading and English comprehension skills.

This was the light-bulb moment.

During her teaching career, Judy had taken courses given by children’s literature specialist Kay Goines. Judy hired Goines to recommend quality, age and culturally appropriate hardcover books that would best serve the needs of RSP employees. She also created audio tapes of Goines reading the books aloud. Soon a library of these specially selected books and accompanying audio tapes were made available to employees. Employees were immediately enthusiastic about the program. Both parent and child working together improved their English language and comprehension skills by reading aloud and listening to the tapes.

So was born the Bring Me A Book Library.

When the RSP firm was sold in 1997, Judy made the Bring Me A Book concept a personal, continuing priority. She continues to serve on the Board of Directors and provides key funding for core operating expenses.
After selling the company, Judy Koch officially founded Bring Me A book as a non-profit and opened its doors to promote children’s literacy.

Today Bring Me A Book is a volunteer-organization serving children ages 0-8 in under-resourced communities within Silicon Valley. Bring Me a Book has national and international outreach through its affiliates in other parts of the country and world.

Our Board

BMAB - Founder - Judy Koch

Judy Koch


Prior to founding Bring Me A Book in 1997, Judy was the owner of RSP Manufacturing Corporation from 1989 to 1997. RSP provided precision sheet metal fabrication, stamping and electro-mechanical assembly services to companies in Silicon Valley. Bring Me A Book grew out of a popular benefit program she had provided employees of her company.

BMAB - Chairman - Kristine Schray Erving

Kristine Schray Erving


Kristine has strong experience in non-profit board development, community project development and resource utilization. A former president of Junior League of Palo Alto/Mid-Peninsula, Kristine has also chaired the boards of the YMCA – Mid-Peninsula, the Peninsula Center for the Blind and the Visually Impaired and Palo Alto Senior Coordinating Council.

BMAB - Secretary - Judy Deggler

Judy Deggeller


Judy was working as VP of Manufacturing at RSP when the company opened a children’s library in the workplace. She witnessed first-hand the power of language acquisition and family bonding that resulted.
When RSP sold, she became Bring Me A Book’s first board member, and she’s remained actively involved in its mission for the past twenty years.

BMAB Board - Deborah Pappas, Treasurer

Deborah Pappas


Deborah Pappas is Senior Vice President and Deposit Manager with Boston Private Bank & Trust. She advises her clients with regard to their cash management and liquidity needs as well as assisting with day to day banking. Deborah started her career with the bank in 1993 as a commercial lending officer in the San Mateo office. Prior to joining the bank she worked as a loan officer for Seafirst Bank in Seattle for 13 years.

BMAB - Board - Lea Anne Borders

Lea Anne Borders

Board Member

Lea Anne Borders founded Bookelicious, a startup dedicated to inspiring children to read by finding great books that match each child’s interests, age and reading ability.

BMAB - Board - Lois Bridges

Lois Bridges

Board Member

Lois Bridges, Ph.D. is Vice President/Publisher of Scholastic Professional, developing professional literacy resources for educators.

BMAB - Mike Knych, Board Member

Mike Knych

Board Member

Mike oversees accounting, financial analysis, risk management and cash management for the family office operations of Asset Management Company. 

BMAB - Board - Christine Z. Loker

Christine Z. Loker

Board Member

Chris has had a 25 year career in Human Resources in Fortune 500 companies, most recently Senior Vice President, HR at Charles Schwab. 

BMAB - Jon Porter, Board Member

Jon Porter

Board Member

Jon Porter is a Director at Three Bridge Wealth Advisors, working directly with both entrepreneurs and venture capital and private equity firm partners.

BMAB, Deborah J. Stipek, Board Member

Deborah J. Stipek

Board Member

Deborah J. Stipek, Ph.D. is Professor and former dean of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University.

BMAB, Ann Zeichner, Board Member

Ann Zeichner

Board Member

With over twenty-five years of combined C-level search and operating experience, Ann has built shareholder value and winning teams across the technology spectrum at service providers, hardware, and software firms.