Service Club Speaker Book Collection: Preschool

$748.12 $600.00

This program offers your Club the opportunity to recognize your weekly speakers and at the same time contribute to the literacy of your community. 

  1. Simply order a year’s worth of wonderful children’s books that are shipped directly to you. Each book is of the highest quality, hardcover, and age-appropriate. On the inside cover of each book will be a bookplate printed with your Club’s name.
  2. At each meeting, request that your speaker sign one of the books after the presentation and return it to your collection. The speakers appreciate this gifting gesture done in their names.
  3. At the end of the year or at your convenience during the year, select one or more under-resourced classrooms, health clinics, homeless shelters, etc. in your community and donate your collection. Some teachers welcome club members to read the books to the children.


Included in this Bundle