Book Buddies

The Book Buddies program, founded in 2006, is an all-volunteer program delivered to under-resourced pre-school and kindergarten classrooms. Trained Book Buddies take carefully selected hardcover books to the classroom sixteen times in the school year and model reading aloud for the teachers.

Book Buddies also offer ideas that extend the story by involving the children with questions, building new vocabulary, and connecting the story to the children’s lives. The books are gifted to the classroom libraries. Twice a year each child receives a hardcover book to augment his/her home library


Book Cubbies

Giving books a place in the home

Our latest addition, in support of our Book Give-Away program, is our small bookcase cubby. Literacy studies overwhelmingly agree that an important ingredient for children learning to read is having books in the home. We designed and manufacture cubbies to address this issue.

Cubbies are often gifted in conjunction with our Book Give-Away program where we have groups of children and parents together for literacy education. Parent and child decorate the cubby and it becomes the child’s home library.

Book Giveaways

Bring Me A Book selects and donates quality books to children through non-profit organizations and schools that share and promote our mission to inspire parents, caregivers and teachers to read aloud with children to foster the love of reading and develop early literacy skills.

Service Clubs

The Speaker Appreciation program was developed for service clubs as a means of recognizing guest speakers at their regular meetings. Organizations order books from Bring Me A Book for children aged pre-school through third grade.

After each presentation, the club asks the speaker to sign a bookplate that identifies the organization and explains that the book will be given to children at under-resourced sites such as classrooms, clinic waiting rooms, hospitals, or any public place that children frequent with their parents.

This program offers your Club the opportunity to recognize your weekly speakers and at the same time contribute to the literacy of your community. Using it is as easy as 1-2-3!

Simply order a year’s worth of wonderful children’s books that are shipped directly to you. Each book is of the highest quality, hardbound, and age-appropriate. On the inside cover of each book will be a bookplate printed with your Club’s name.” At the end of the year, or at your convenience during the year, select one or more under-resourced classrooms, health clinics, homeless shelters, etc. in your community and donate your collection. This is a WIN-WIN program!

The Palo Alto University Rotary Club has incorporated this program for 13 years with great success. Their members are proud to be honoring their speakers in this way and appreciate that the program is:

  • Easy
  • Affordable
  • High quality
  • Fun (memorable book titles) and a
  • Gift to the Community

How to start you Service Club Book Program

  1. Secure funding from your Club
    • Identify the school/classroom/clinic that will receive the books
    • Ask members for suggestions
    • Contact your regional or local Head Start Director
    • Search online for Title I schools in your area
    • Contact the school’s principal or director to explain the program and request names of teachers in need of classroom books
    • Consider local homeless shelters and health clinics that serve low income families
  2. Order your books online selecting the Speaker Collection
  3. At your meetings, ask your Guest Speakers to sign the bookplate and explain where the book will be donated
BMAB Book Label